We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our musical and business activities wherever possible. 

Travel is a large source of emissions in the music industry. Playing shows as well as further activities like recording new music, rehearsals or media work often require us to travel.
To tackle this, we employ the following steps whenever we are planning travel for any of the above listed activities:

  • avoiding emissions wherever possible –  we always try to plan in a way, where large parts of the band and crew travel by train, and only the people necessary to transport backline and equipment are traveling by car. This helps us to avoid extra travel to specific meet up locations before shows and ensures we have as much space as possible in the car/van for equipment.
  • recording our emissions – we keep track of our travel activities and their carbon emissions throughout the year and record them
  • balancing our emissions – we donate to  balance our emissions. Currently we are using to balance our remaining emissions. If you work with a company that offers similar services or have another proposal, feel free to get in touch with us! 

We encourage our fans to use public transport or travel to our shows by bike or on foot, if possible.

We are committed to producing only high-quality products with a long lifespan.
For our t-shirts we use 100% organic cotton, vegan, and fairtrade shirts.
Furthermore, we have set out to fully switch to recycled CDs, vinyl and ecological packaging solutions in 2023, as well as for all future releases.

We don’t consume meat and try to completely avoid animal products. We encourage everyone in our travel party to do the same. We are committed to causing as little harm as possible to the environment and to animals through our food choices.
We use refillable water bottles and try to avoid using one-way plastic bottles wherever possible.